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Video Tape Library


(VHS tapes; most series include Video, Instructor’s Guide, Study Guide & Final Exam)

Mechanical Maintenance:

Maintenance Pipefitting Skill:

•A101 Basic Pipefitting Skills
•A102 Pipe Installation – Screw and Welded Joints
•A103 Pipe Installation – Steel Flanges; Copper and Plastic Pipe
•A104 Pipe Hangers and Support
•A101-104 Instructor’s Guide, Study Guide, Final

Applied Vibration Analysis:

•B101 Introduction
•B102 Collecting Spectral Data
•B103 Analyzing Spectral Data
•B104 Analyzing Bearing Vibrations
•B105 Analyzing Gear Vibrations
•B106 Analyzing Fan Vibrations
•B107 Analyzing Pump Vibrations
•B108 Analyzing Motor Vibrations
•B109 Analyzing Turbine-Generator Vibrations
•B101-109 Study Guide, Instructor’s Guide & Answer Key, Final

Field Balancing of Rotating Equipment:

•C101 Identifying Unbalance
•C102 Balancing Center-hung Rotors
•C103 Balancing Overhung Rotors
•C101-103 Study Guide, Instructor’s Guide, Final

Machine Shop Safety & Basic Operations:

•D101 Machine Shop Safety
•D102 Bandsaws and Drills
•D103 Mills
•D104 Lathes
•D101-104 Study Guide, Instructor’s Guide, Final

Precision Mechanical Measuring:

•E101 Introduction to Measurements
•E102 Micrometers
•E103 Calipers
•E104 Applying Measurement Skills
•E105 Advanced Technology
•E106 Precision Measuring Kit (Tools)
•E101-105 Study Guide, Instructor’s Guide & Answer Key, Final

Total Productive Maintenance:

•F101 Introduction
•F102 Overall Equipment Effectiveness
•F103 Preventive Maintenance (2 copies of video)
•F104 Predictive Maintenance*
•F101-104 Facilitator’s Guide, Participant’s Guide, 2 discs of transparency masters

Mechanical Maintenance Series:

•M101 Basic Terms of Maintenance
•M102 Lubrication Techniques
•M103 Bearing Maintenance
•M104 Bearing Installation
•M105 Couplings
•M106 Coupling Alignment Techniques
•M107 Maintain & Troubleshooting: Brakes & Clutches
•M108 Maintain Valves
•M109 Maintaining Centrifugal Pumps
•M110 Monitoring Centrifugal Pumps
•M111 Troubleshooting Centrifugal Pumps
•M112 Maintaining & Troubleshooting Industrial Gearing
•M113 Maintaining & Troubleshooting Gear Reducers
•M114 Maintaining V-Belts
•M115 Maintaining Flexible Drives: Roller Chain & Silent Chain
•M116 Maintaining Flexible Drives: Flat Belts, V Belts & Timing Belts
•M117 Laser Alignment

5S Training Series

•G101 Introduction
•G102 Workplace Scan
•G103 Sort
•G104 Set in Order
•G105 Shine
•G106 Standardize
•G107 Sustain

Fluid Power

Industrial Hydraulic Technology:

•H101 The Physical World of a Machine
•H102 Hydraulic Transmission of Force and Energy
•H103 Petroleum Base Hydraulic Fluids/Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids
•H104 Operation at the Suction Side of a Pump (2 copies of video)
•H105 Hydraulic Actuators
•H106 Control of Hydraulic Energy
•H107 Accumulators and Cylinders
•H108 Flow Control Valves
•H109 Directional Control Valves
•H110 Pressure Control Valves
•H111 Pilot Operated Control Valves
•H112 Hydraulic Pumps
•H113 Hydraulic Motors
•H114 Reservoirs, Coolers and Filters
•H101-114 Instructor’s Guide, Text, Final, Answer Key

Troubleshooting Hydraulics Systems

•H201 Troubleshooting Techniques
•H202 Heat and Leakage
•H203 Contamination
•H204 Analyzing Component Faults
•H205 Applied Troubleshooting
•H201-205 Study Guide, Instructor’s Guide & Answer Key, Final

Industrial Pneumatic Technology

•J101 Force Transmission Through a Fluid (1 & 2)
•J102 Energy Transmission using a Pneumatic System
•J103 Control of Pneumatic Energy
•J104 Compressors
•J105 Aftercoolers, Driers, Receivers/Air Distribution
•J106 Check Valves, Cylinders and Motors (1)
•J107 Check Valves, Cylinders and Motors (2)
•J108 Directional Control Valves (1)
•J109 Directional Control Valves (2)
•J110 Flow Control Valves, Silencers & Quick Exhausts
•J111 Regulators, Exhaust Flow Valves, Boosters, Sequence Valves
•J112 Air Preparation
•J101-112 Instructor’s Guide, Text, Final

Electrical / Electronics

Maintaining and Troubleshooting Electrical Motors

•K101 Introduction to Motors
•K102 DC Motors
•K103 AC Motors
•K104 Motor Nameplates
•K105 Maintaining Motors
•K106 Troubleshooting Motors
•K101-106 Study Guide, Instructor’s Guide & Answer Key, Final

Maintaining and Troubleshooting Industrial Motor Controls

•K201 Introduction to Motor Controls
•K202 Selecting And Maintaining Contactors
•K203 Fuses, Breakers and Overloads
•K204 Motor Control Circuits
•K205 Reduced Voltage and Synchronous Starting
•K206 Troubleshooting Motor Control Systems
•K201-206 Study Guide, Instructor’s Guide & Answer Key, Final

Introduction to Solid State Electronics

•L101 Solid State Electronic Theory
•L102 Transistors, Semiconductor Diodes, Rectifiers
•L103 Rectifiers, Heat Sinks, Filters, Special Purpose Diodes
•L104 Transistor Amplifiers
•L105 Amplifier Applications
•L106 Oscillators, Modulators, Demodulators
•L107 Special Purpose Semiconductors
•L101-107 Study Guide, Final Review, Answer Key

Solid State Motor Controls

•N101 AC Inverters
•N101 Study Guide, Final, 2 copies of Instructor’s Guide & Answer Key
•N102 Servo and Stepper Motor Controls
•N102 Study Guide, Final, Instructor’s Guide & Answer Key
•N103 DC Motor Controls
•N103 Study Guide, Final, 2 copies of Instructor’s Guide & Answer Key
•N104 Troubleshooting SCR Motor Controls (missing)

Programmable Control Systems

•P101 Introduction
•P102 Installing and Setting up Hardware
•P103 Setting up the I/O
•P104 Using Basic Instruction Sets
•P105 Using Advanced Instruction Sets
•P106 Troubleshooting Programmable Control Systems
•P101-106 Study Guide, Instructor’s Guide & Answer Key, Final Exam

Programmable Logic Controllers

•P201 Automatic Control Systems
•P202 Control Devices
•P203 PC Hardware and Ladder Logic
•P204 PCs: Specialized Computers
•P205 Number Systems
•P206 Troubleshooting PCs (1)
•P207 Troubleshooting PCs (2)
•PLC 201-207 Study Guide, Instructor’s Guide & Answer Key, Final Exam

Digital Electronics

•Q101 Introduction to Digital Electronics
•Q102 Introduction to Number System
•Q103 Bipolar Transistors as Switches
•Q104 Basic Logic Gates
•Q105 TTL Integrated Circuits
•Q106 CMOS and ECL Integrated Circuits
•Q107 Combinational Logic Circuit Analysis
•Q108 Basic Flip – Flops
•Q109 Counters
•Q110 Shift Registers
•Q111 Clock Circuits
•Q112 Combinational Logic Circuit Applications
•Q113 Exclusive OR and Exclusive NOR Gates
•Q114 Testing Digital Circuits
•Q101-114 Study Guide, Answer Key, Final Exam

Semiconductor Devices

•R101 Semiconductor Materials
•R102 Silicon Diodes
•R103 Special Purpose Diodes
•R104 Bipolar Transistor Fundamentals
•R105 Bipolar Transistor Characteristics
•R106 J-FET Fundamentals
•R107 J-FET Characteristics
•R109 Thyristors
•R110 Integrated Circuits
•R111 Optoelectronic Devices
•R101-111 Study Guide, Final Exam, Answer Key, Instructor’s Guide

Troubleshooting Electrical Systems

•S101 Electrical Troubleshooting Techniques
•S102 Electric Motors
•S103 Industrial Motor Controls
•S104 Programmable Controllers (1)
•S105 Programmable Controllers (2)
•S101-105 Study Guide, Instructor’s Guide, Answer Key

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

•T101 Introduction
•T102 Components and Controls
•T103 Troubleshooting
•T104 Service Procedures
•T101-104 Study Guide, Instructor’s Guide, Answer Key

Ammonia Refrigeration

•T201 Ammonia Properties, Hazards and Safety Precautions
•T202 System Components, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
•T201-202 Study Guide, Instructor’s Guide, Answer Key

Chiller Systems

•T301 Water Loops and Components
•T302 Maintenance, Operations and Troubleshooting
•T301-302 Study Guide, Instructor’s Guide, Answer Key

Pneumatic Controls

•T401 Air Supply Components, Controllers and Actuators
•T402 Maintenance, Calibration and Troubleshooting
•T401-402 Study Guide, Instructor’s Guide, Answer Key


Electric Arc Welding

•W101 Introduction to Shielded Metal Arc Welding
•W102 Arc Welding Safety
•W103 Striking Arcs with E-6010 / Cellulose Electrodes
•W104 Striking Arcs with E-7018 Low Hydrogen Electrodes
•W105 Stringer Beads With E-6010
•W106 Stringer Beads with E-7018
•W107 Weave Beads
•W108 Restart of Beads
•W109 Welding Tips and Techniques
•W110 Groove Weld, Square, Flat Position
•W111 Fillet Joint, Horizontal
•W112 Groove Weld, Horizontal with Back
•W113 Air Carbon Arc
•W101-113 Textbook

Advanced Welding

•W201 Welding of Carbon Steel Pipe
•W202 Welding of Low Alloy Pipe
•W203 Gas Tungsten and Gas Metal Arc Short Circuiting (MIG & TIG)
•W204 Welding of Stainless Steel Pipe

Leadership (1 video, instructor guide & 5 books of each)

Industrial Leadership Series

•X101 Managing Yourself
•X102 Managing a Work Group
•X103 Clear Communication
•X104 Interpersonal Communication
•X105 The Team Advantage
•X106 Problem Solving
•X107 Decision Making
•X108 Discipline

Safety Training

•Z101 Blood borne Pathogens
•Z101 Study Guide, Instructor’s Guide/Answer Key, Final
•Z102 Office Safety
•Z102 Textbook

ACI Series (1 video & 6 books of each)

•ACI101 Field Devices: Analytical
•ACI102 Field Devices: Analog Configuration
•ACI103 Field Devices: Using Portable Communicators (missing)
•ACI104 Smart Controllers
•ACI105 Single Loop Control
•ACI106 Troubleshooting DCS I/Os – Practices


•ACI201 Introduction To Programming
•ACI202 Programming Common Functions
•ACI203 Troubleshooting Hardware
•ACI204 Troubleshooting Software and Networks
•ACI205 Installing and Maintaining PLC Systems
•ACI206 Architecture, Types and Networks
•ACI207 Numerics
•ACI208 Ladder Logic and Symbology
•ACI209 I/O Communication
•ACI210 Human – Machine Interface and Troubleshooting

Variable Speed Drives

•ACI301 Introduction To VSDs
•ACI302 Systems Integration
•ACI303 Troubleshooting VSD Systems (4 books)


•ACI401 Introduction to Automation Controls & Instrumentation
•ACI402 Principles of Calibration
•ACI403 Principles of Control

Continuous Process

•ACI501 Tuning Loops
•ACI502 Pneumatic Controls


•ACI601 Introduction / Control Networks
•ACI602 Fiber Optic Systems (2 Complete Sets)
•ACI603 Setting Up and Troubleshooting Control Networks


•CD101 Troubleshooting Motor Controls
•CD102 Troubleshooting Industrial Electrical Equipment