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For Educators - Hytrol Workforce Readiness Grant


The Workforce Training Consortium encourages innovative educational projects in Northeast Arkansas by awarding grants from the Hytrol Workforce Readiness Fund.  The goal of the program is to encourage educators in Northeast Arkansas to instill higher workforce readiness skills in their students.

Grant applications will be reviewed and awarded annually.  Applicants will be notified in writing of the acceptance or rejection of their application.

The deadline for the 2019 grant applications is Thursday, February 28, 2019

The 2019 Workforce Readiness Grant is $5,000.

Grant Application Form     Grant Letter 

In a recent survey of industries in the Jonesboro area, companies were asked, "What would make your company more competitive?"  Their responses indicated that a readily available and trained workforce was at the top of the list. 

Past Recipients
2010/2011 Recipients
2009/2010 Recipients

Amy Biggers
Harrisburg High School
Purchased a Visual Presenter to be used with a classroom SmartBoard, which will allow her to show images on the screen. Her primary purpose will be teaching students how to use a tape measure by showing more details of the tape measure and learning to measure beyond 1/16".

Shantele Raper
Academic Center of Excellence-Osceola
Purchased the "Create a KNEX Community" project. The project will help students understand the importance of problem solving and teamwork skills in the real world. They will apply workplace readiness skills to a real world scenario by building a small community which connects to an island amusement park by various bridges. The students will gain educational pathways for careers in related areas such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


Jennifer Wray
Valley View High School
Purchased Employability and Work Maturity Skills software to assist Family & Consumer Sciences and Workplace Readiness students make smart career choices and learn appropriate workplace behavior.

Kathy Baldridge
Buffulo Island School
Purchased materials to incorporate a role-playing activity in her Word Processing class. The students will learn how to work independently in an office environment, create business cards and business documents, and act as administrative assistants.

Amy Biggers
Harrisburg High School
Purchased software to be used in her high school math classes to improve math skills used in the workplace and in every day life. She plans to use the software to start a peer tutoring program in her classroom.


Carilyn Rouyer
Walnut Ridge High School
Employability Skills videos, used to help students who will not be seeking higher education prepare to enter the workforce.

Shantele Raper
Academic Center of Excellence-Osceola
Purchased Lego's Robotic kits and accessories to develop teamwork, problem solving skills, scientific method, and computer technology skills.


Paula Eaton
Valley View Junior High - 8th grade Career Orientation
Software that will help students develop reasoning skills and teamwork by doing activities that use students' knowledge to solve problems.

Sandra Lusby
Area Health Education Center UAMS
Purchased BIOLIKE Body Parts and Fandex Family Field Guides to use in Career Orientation classes throughout NE Arkansas. Her goal is to develop interest in the medical field.